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Improve Cardiovascular Conditioning
Release Stress
Build Self-Discipline
Attributive Martial Arts
Attributive Martial Arts, Inc. is one of the most respected schools of martial art instruction in southeast Michigan.
Your program of study at Attributive Martial Arts, Inc. will guide you on the path to a disciplined understanding and mastery of mind and self. We benefit the individual by building and enhancing powerful personal attributes, including mobility, problem-solving skills, mental attitude, awareness, self-esteem, fitness, coordination and, of course, self-defense. We offer courses in a wide range of martial arts, with custom programs tailored for individuals at all levels of fitness.
Martial Arts Instructor
Sifu David Hatch's background as an engineer and training coordinator, along with Simo Lynda Hatch's background as a computer programmer amd analyst, makes them unique in presenting their martial arts skills.
Call or visit us today to learn more about how Attributive Martial Arts, Inc. can help you realize your inner potential and become the best you can be! 


  • Inosanto Academy
  • Mande Muda Silat Association
  • Thai Boxing Association
  • Francis Fong Academy
In Business Since 1996

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Martial Arts Instructors
David Hatch does a beautiful job on these Balintawak DVDs.
David's breakdown of the material is a good "step by step", easy to follow presentation.
I highly recommend this set of Balintawak DVDs to anyone interested in the Filipino martial arts, and in particular the Balintawak System.
Dan Inosanto
Founder/Head Instructor
The Inosanto Acdemy Of Martial Arts
Marina del Rey, California
To see the promotional video clip of the New Balintawak DVD, click Here. 
Self-Esteem   -   Self-Discipline   -    Fitness   -   Coordination
Proper Mental Attitude   -   Awareness   -   Mobility
Cardiovascular Conditioning · Release Stress · Develop Self-Discipline
By Training in
Kali Escrima - JKD - Wing Chun - Muay Thai - Silat
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